Families Protest East Harlem Rezoning at Gracie Mansion

A large group of children, parents and East Harlem residents of all ages marched in front of Mayor De Blasio's home at Gracie Mansion yesterday chanting “El Barrio is Not For Sale! It is to be loved and defended.” At the protest’s height late yesterday afternoon, over a 100 members of Movement for Justice in El Barrio, all immigrants and people of color, clad in blue t-shirts, marched holding signs reading “East Harlem Against Mayor De Blasio’s Luxury Housing Plan!” Children ages 4 to 14 held up a “Turkey of the Year” Award, determined to deliver it at Mayor De Blasio’s doorstep during this, Thanksgiving week. However, rather than face these East Harlem families, Mayor DeBlasio got in his car as protesters pumped up the volume, chanting “We don’t want luxury housing!” They held the “Turkey of the Year” Award high, directly in the Mayor’s path, so that he couldn’t avoid them as he attempted to drive by.

Read the entire article featuring grantee Movement for Justice in el Barrio here.

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