STAFF and covenant

Below you will find bios for our staff collective members and our community covenant here.

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Resource Redistribution

avry jxn (they/them) joins the Resist team as a strategist, organizer, and artist who leads radically from the land. avry is committed to changing the material conditions of Black families whose legacies are stained by the Indigenous genocide of American plantations. Through their work with fundraising, resource development, and wealth redistribution avry stands firmly on the frontlines of decolonizing philanthropy to aggressively redirect resources from entities that hoard, to our communities. avry continues a deep legacy of innovative way-making that he leverages to grow movements that build generational power. avry is also a horseman whose work with horses is a liberatory stewardship of the horse’s pre-colonial wisdom. 

Salary: $52,000 for 32 hours (less than 1 year at Resist)

Contact avry (617-209-9833) with resource redistribution/grants related questions.

Nicki Kattoura


Grantee Relationships and Amplification

Nicki Kattoura (he/him) is a Palestinian organizer currently based in Philadelphia. Nicki joined Resist as a member of the grant-making panel for 2020-2021 and is excited to continue working on getting funds to those at the frontlines of struggle as a staff collective member.

Salary: $55,000 for 30 hours (1 year at Resist)

Contact Nicki (617-249-3289) with any grants-related questions. 

Kathy Lebrón


Communications and Storytelling

Kathy Lebrón (she/her) is a radical, anti-racist and culturally responsive maestra with a passion for design and communications. Born to a fearless Dominican immigrant mother, Kathy is committed to decolonizing the Dominican mind, amplifying the work of diasporic communities and folx who are most impacted by structural inequities, and making communications more transparent, accessible and engaging for said communities. Kathy loves getting down on the dance floor, traveling to new places, and building with dope BIPOC folx in the fight for justice and liberation.

Salary: $71,449 for 36 hours (5 years at Resist)

Contact Kathy (617-237-0316) with any communications-related questions.

Jasmine Gomez


Radical Philanthropy

Jasmine Gomez (they/them) is an attorney and activist in the Boston community. Jasmine advocates for queer and trans liberation, the decolonization of Puerto Rico, racial and political equality, and more through programmatic support, direct action, popular education, legal aid, healing justice, and empowering frontline communities. 

At Access Strategies Fund, Jasmine led civic engagement, women’s public leadership, and solidarity economy initiative program areas. In each of these areas, Jasmine worked with community leaders to create strategic development around the goals, budget, and arc of the program. Jasmine supported weaving into these programs healing justice practices, critical analysis, and radical imagination through popular education and facilitation. Jasmine also worked in each of these areas to support fundraising, organizing philanthropy, and thinking of new ways to expand support to our ecosystems. 

Previous to Access Strategies Fund, Jasmine was a constitutional lawyer and Democracy Honors Fellow at Free Speech For People. While there Jasmine provided legal research and organizing strategies to aid grassroots organizations advancing a Constitutional amendment to eliminate unlimited influence of money on elections and end corporation’s claiming Constitutional rights. While at FSFP, Jasmine used their critical race theory framework to pioneer a number of reports, events, and initiatives working toward making the pro-democracy community more intersectional and inclusive. In their free time, Jasmine was also a lead organizer for several rallies that brought together hundreds of people in the fight for queer and trans liberation, the decolonization of Puerto Rico, against immigration deportations, and against the normalization of white supremacy. They organized and facilitated educational workshops, trainings, and events rooted in healing justice and building community. 

Jasmine is on the board of the Massachusetts National Lawyers Guild and Movement Sustainability Commons. Jasmine attended law school at Boston University, where Jasmine worked with the Charles Hamilton Houston Institute for Race and Justice, was part of the Journal of Science and Technology Law, developed frameworks rooted in critical race theory and intersectionality, and held multiple leadership roles. 

Salary: $65,000 for 40 hours (1 year at Resist)

Contact Jasmine (617-213-0008) with any development and donor-related questions.

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