We’re excited to announce that our Justice is Essential series is back this year!

At Resist, we know that frontline leaders and groups that work for justice and liberation have the heart, knowledge, and tools needed to reimagine and co-create a better world for us all. In the midst of an ongoing pandemic, climate change, rising costs and inequitable court rulings, how do we get closer to this new world, what changes need to take root, and what strategies must be employed?

Didn’t catch our previous #JusticeIsEssential series? Watch here.

20 Years of Freedom Dreams

For the first conversation, folks joined us in-person in Boston and virtually from across the country to celebrate, reflect on, and think about the book: FREEDOM DREAMS: THE BLACK RADICAL IMAGINATION. The conversation took place between with Robin D.G. Kelley and Nyle Fort and discussed themes around revolutionary struggle and transformation, the spiritual force and fortification of movements, and what we can continue learning from freedom dreamers and fighters in our quest for liberation.

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