Will You Stand in Your Yes?

Dear Resist Community,
I, more than anything, believe we are the people we've been waiting for.*
We always have been and always will be. However imperfect, we prove time and time again that when some of us are pushed around we can and do come together to ensure a better world.  
Your support this past year demonstrated that you are committed to ensuring a just and equitable future, despite the challenges we face.
While the current administration makes it easy to say no to what we find unacceptable, we're inspired by the groups who are resisting by standing in their yes and working towards an alternative vision of what they do want.  Your support is sustaining the work of organizations who are making it clear what we do want for ourselves, our families, our communities. Will you stand with them???
Below are groups courageously taking responsibility for nurturing thriving, democratic, and resilient communities:
Voices of the Sacred in Missoula, Montana's holds space for Native youth to develop into powerful and whole members of their community. Through expressive arts workshops, political education, organizing, direct action training, and direct experience with resisting extreme energy extraction, young people emerge as foundational change-makers.
L.A. Rooted in Los Angeles, California provides year round opportunities for young women, queer, and trans people of color to nurture their relationship to the earth, their bodies, and their communities. Their 165 mile "Bici's Break Borders / Bridge Borders" cycling tour from Los Angeles to Tijuana aims to build solidarity with the LGBTQI communities of Tijuana, Baja, Mx and with communities along the way.
The Center for Embodied Pedagogy and Action in San Juan, Puerto Rico works for the decolonization of Puerto Rico through personal and collective healing. Their work explores the necessary relationship between theory and practice, between body and mind, and between health and liberation. Their workshops teach community members how to cope with the traumas of living in a colonial state and how to foster an accountable relationship with our greater ecology. Their aim is to support the emergence of fearless change-makers in Puerto Rico.
Because of your willingness and courage to say yes and support these groups, they are making it possible for communities to vision, imagine, and create the free and just world we deserve.
Conversation by conversation, donation by donation…you're moving the needle towards justice for all people.

In solidarity,
Co-director of Radical Philanthropy, Resist
*Inspired by June Jordan's "Poem for South African Women"
Photograph Credit: Pamela Drew
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