Who Should Be Thanking Who?

“Thank you.”

We hear those two words from grantees almost every- day here at Resist.

But this is backwards. They should not be the ones thanking us; we should be the ones thanking them.

We have the easy job. Though our fundraising model is extremely rare and can present challenges, we believe it is the right one. We ask for donations, large and small, from a dedicated and passionate community of like-minded supporters. And every year they come through because they know the only way to change the world is through grassroots organizing, visioning, and creative action.

Those grassroots groups on the ground have the tough job. Despite all the dollars and energy coming in all direc- tions to subdue these grassroots movements, they are not only able to endure and grow, but they are able to win victories day after day, year after year.

Those victories build upon one another. That is how mass movements create history.

Our role is critical and of course those in power don’t like us either, but the activists on the ground are the ones that endure the real challenges: harassment, suppression, and violence from those in power. And through resolute bravery and dedication, they still persevere and win.

This edition of the Newsletter is a bit different. It features stories on how these activists do this, and what role Resist’s support played.

So to all of the donors and potential new donors out there, please know you play an essential role with your donation to Resist. You are not only supporting some of the most coura- geous and visionary organizations out there, you are also supporting our best hope for peace and justice.

And to all the grassroots groups out there that are reading this, please don’t thank us. We are the ones who are forever indebted to you. So thank you for another year of providing all of us here at Resist with inspiration and hope for our collective future.

In love and solidarity, Jax, Kendra, Ravi, Saif, and Seth

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