When the going gets tough…

A lot depends on what actions those of us appalled by Trump's vision take together.
Together we have influence. Together, we will stand against the terrifying swing toward extremism in our government.
Now more than ever, your generous support of Resist matters. Here's why:
Your gift helps defend our planet.
The impending dismantling of environmental control regulations demands that we fight as never before to support communities facing environmental abuses. Local victories add up – like the recent victory of our grantee Bay Peace, in Oakland, California, that fought successfully against coal companies, thanks to you.
Your gift fights for racial justice.
With the rise of white supremacist ideology, we will redouble our efforts to get resources to communities confronting sexism, racism, Islamophobia, and xenophobia.
Your gift will defy the wall… in minds and on borders.
We will continue to support the DREAMers who seek safety and justice. Migrant Justice in Vermont just stopped a massive anti-immigrant policy, with your help, following a 2014 victory that ensures protection from discriminatory policing and criminalization of immigrants in their state.
Your gift protects hard-fought victories for LGBTQ people.
We will increase our efforts to support groups organizing for safety, rights, and liberation. Grantees like Gender Justice League are winning victories over discriminatory and transphobic legislation, thanks to you.
Your gift supports radical anti-war and peace activists.
Those who raise their voices and put their bodies on the line to stop militarism will always have our full support, thanks to you.
            There is no way to exaggerate the importance of your financial support.
If you have already given, thank you for all you've done. If you have not yet given, please donate today. Too much is at stake not to.
For peace and justice,
Ravi Khanna
Resist Staff
Resist donors like you are the bedrock of support
for coast-to-coast citizen organizing that makes true, systemic change possible.
Every dollar we grant to grassroots activist communities
comes from friends like you. Your gift is tax-deductible.
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