Welcome to the New resist.org!

Resist is approaching our 50th anniversary. We are so very proud of our history, our founders, and all of the truly brave grassroots groups that started and propelled social movements across the country for the past five decades.

Against incredible odds, we have resisted war, occupation, capitalism, corporate globalization, environmental destruction, prisons, borders, racism, classism, and patriarchy.     

We hope our new site stirs up emotions from all of the beautiful and moving moments of the past, but now in addition, also now looks to our collective future. We know another world is possible – but only if we build it from the ground up.

We have a new logo, a new website, and are now at domain www.resist.org. The new website better reflects what Resist is by placing the groups that are the heart and soul of Resist at the center of the site. By highlighting their work, their struggles, and their victories, the site is now a direct link to the frontlines of grassroots movements across the country.   

One of the many reasions we at Resist love what we do is because of the window it provides us to the beautiful and inspiring actions that are taking place in every corner of the country. Our new website and look is meant to share that window with you and help connect people who care about this work and the world. We hope you enjoy it!

Thank you for all of your support over the years…we look forward to creating this new world with you! 

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