The Power of Lobbying


Dear Resisters,

Fifty-two years ago a group of brave individuals came together and founded this organization in defiance of illegitimate authority. Since then, we have committed our work to redistributing resources to the grassroots groups on the frontlines of change.

But times are changing, and so is Resist.

We now understand that real change starts from the top. And with the upcoming 2020 elections, we have decided that we’re no longer supporting grassroots groups, and will only commit to supporting politicians that will persist until we truly make America great again.

Resist really believes in the power of lobbying. We’re excited to announce that prior to the end of this year, we will become a 501(c)(4) organization – allowing us to move your precious donations to support political nominees that will truly be the change we seek in this country!  

Over the years Resist has fueled resistance to the most powerful evil forces out there: militarism, capitalism, racism, sexism, homophobia, xenophobia, and so many more. And that resistance has grown, won countless victories, and transformed the world for the better. Imagine what can happen when we join forces with both Democratic and Republican candidates? The possibilities are endless!

We’re excited to announce that this transition will be happening with support from the following partners.

We hope you, too, are overjoyed with the changes taking place at Resist.

To joining forces with illegitimate authority,

Resist Staff

P.S. Happy April Fool’s Day!!! We will NEVER support electoral politics over grassroots groups fighting on the ground for us every day beyond the campaign trail.

When you make a gift today, you’re sending a message to a vast network of activists that you stand with them on the right side of history.

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