The Only Thing We Need More Of This Holiday Season

Buy more. Consume more. Throw away more. 

More, more, more seems to be all you hear and read about as we embark on "Black Friday" and the holiday shopping season. 

And we agree! We do need more…but not what the billboards, TV commercials, and radio jingles are advertising. We ain't buying what they're selling. 

What we do want more of this holiday season is more grassroots organizing and action, and the ability to support it. 

2014 is turning out to be a monumental year for Resist and we need your help to finish strong. We have arguably received more breathtaking, awe-inspiring, and impassioned applications this year than ever before in our 47 year history.

Just think if we had more groups and actions like…

  • The climate justice activists from 350 Vermont who organized a rally and risked arrest in a massive act of civil disobedience to stop the expansion of a dirty, unsafe gas pipeline in the state. Hundreds of folks gathered at the capitol building and over 80 people risked arrest. This is exactly the kind of action we need if we are going to stop dirty energy, shift to renewable energy, reverse climate chaos, and achieve climate justice.
  • The student immigration activists from Connecticut Students for a Dream who recently displayed their bravery directly to the First Lady of the United States at an election rally in Connecticut. They asked the First Lady to "acknowledge parents of undocumented youth and their need for administrative immigration relief and stop the separation of families." If we want true and just immigration reform, we need bold organizations willing to take actions just like this. 
  • Intelligent Mischief who has been sharing their creative, mischievous intelligencewith the amazing young people resisting police brutality and institutional racism in the wake of the Michael Brown murder in Ferguson, Missouri. Check out this piece as they give their thoughts about some of the inspiring actions that have happened in Ferguson. Imagination, artistry, and innovation are key components to a successful movement for social justice. 

These are just a few of the audacious, inspired, and visionary groups that you support when you give to Resist. 

So this holiday season, we ask that everyone invest a tiny bit less in the system of infinite consumption and a bit more in the infinite potential of grassroots activists who are working to overturn that system. Your donation gets us more of the radical change we know can happen and brings us closer to the world we want to build. Donate today! 

To more peace and justice!  

Saif Rahman, Director of Communications, Resist

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