Support Grantees in Honor of Pride Month

trans rights

Dear Resister,

In honor of Pride Month, I want to tell you about one grantee you’re supporting that is changing the landscape for queer liberation in Selma, Alabama: The Knights and Orchids Society (TKO). Founded and led by Black Trans and LGBTQ people, TKO provides a wide range of vital health care and social welfare services – including reproductive health care, testing, and Transgender and Gender Non-Conforming care.

When TKO Founder Quentin “Que” Bell grew up in Selma, there were no Trans role models — the hostile environment drove them away. It wasn’t until he went off to Alabama State University and saw an LGBTQ community filled with people who were unapologetically themselves that Que realized the potential for his hometown.

Que said, “I ran from Selma because it was so far behind for so many years. But I had to understand that I’m here in Selma because this is where my purpose is.”

Standing with our grantees, we can change the world. But their impact depends on our support. Our grantees have the commitment and drive to create transformational change – YOUR gift will turn those dreams into action. Please give today and help us raise $150,000 by July 15 so we can keep funding movers and shakers on the frontlines of our movement.


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