Protest Planned for LGBTQ Film Festival Over Israeli Backing

Pro-Palestinian activists in the Bay Area will protest in June at Frameline40, San Francisco’s LGBTQ international film festival, because organizers will continue to accept financial support from foreign governments — including Israel.

“We will be protesting at the festival this summer, though I can’t say yet in what form,” said Kate Jessica Raphael, an organizer with Queers Undermining Israeli Terrorism (QUIT!), a group that says it serves as “an openly queer voice in the movement for justice in Palestine.”

For nine years, QUIT has called on Frameline officials to decline funding from the Consulate General of Israel to the Pacific Northwest, based in San Francisco.

“There is a call-out from Palestinian civilian society, including every LGBT organization, to respect the cultural and economic boycott of all Israeli institutions until Israel complies with its obligations under international law,” Raphael said. “We would like to see our queer institutions heed that request.”

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