Our Movement is Like a Dandelion…

Copy of dandelion logo
Dear Resister,
Our movement is like a dandelion. Like a flower with many seeds, one activist can inspire countless others until our fight for a better tomorrow reaches from coast to coast.
[Image description: Red background with two black dandelions. White text reads: “‘Dandelions don’t know whether they are a weed or a brilliance. But each seed can create a field of dandelions. We are invited to be that prolific.’ —adrienne maree brown”.]
Your generosity is like a dandelion, too—through Resist, your one gift can reach far and wide to hundreds of grantees, carried on the winds of change. Take a look below to see the 198 grantees you helped fund this year alone.
With your support, our grantees demonstrated the power of what you and I are fighting for. Even in this challenging year. We saw the possibility of a better world: mutual aid flourished, protests were ubiquitous, and solidarity was everything.
Donors like you make us strong, even in hard times. Your gift helped us meet a record-breaking demand for grants this year. Thank you on behalf of all the grantees you support for making a better future possible.
I mourn the toll the pandemic took on all of us, but you make me optimistic for the future. I know that as long as there is power, corruption, and greed, there will always be good people like you fighting for equality, justice, and freedom.
[Image description: Black and white image of people at a Vietnam War protest in the background. There is a white text box with the words “Grantees You Helped Fund in 2020” and a list of hundreds of grantee groups.]
In solidarity,
Kendra Hicks
Co-Director, Radical Philanthropy
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