Our 2021 Year in Review

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Dear Resister,

We entered 2021, the second year of a global pandemic, with uncertainty and we ended it with hope. During the course of that year, we witnessed the unveiling of interlocking crises of climate change, authoritarianism, poverty, white supremacy, displacement, and massive inequalities. It was easy to fall into despair and disillusion, and much harder to remain optimistic.

And yet, our grantees remained hopeful, and so did we. Hopeful that in spite of a global health and economic crisis, our grantees would continue to organize with and on behalf of those most impacted by oppression. Hopeful that we would keep witnessing historic victories as frontline communities fearlessly lead the resistance, reimagine what’s possible, and build a new future for all of us. Because we know that Resist grantees don’t give up, they remain hopeful, create new pathways towards justice and liberation, and when they win, WE win.

Checkout our 2021 Year in Review

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