‘Love In Public’ And ‘Sweety’s Radio’ Podcasts Aim To Bring Visibility Through Voice

In our social media-saturated age where image-heavy platforms like Vine, YouTube and Tumblr popularize the consumption of bite-sized, shareable clips, two Boston-based groups are finding new methods of expression through a classic form of mass entertainment: radio.

These groups are Intelligent Mischief and Sweety’s. The former is a creative collective of Afro-Caribbean artists, dancers, comedians and performers who develop strategies for resilience in communities of color; the latter is a gallery space and multimedia platform run by Latin American graduates of the School of the Museum of Fine Arts that prioritizes artists (and audiences) of color.

“I never liked blogs. It’s just never been my medium,” says Chrislene DeJean, a founding member of Intelligent Mischief“I like to tell myself it’s because of oral history … that I honor my ancestors by orally passing down information instead of writing stuff down. Group discussions have always been more inspiring for me than writing.”

Check out the whole article and listen to the episode here. (Bonus! It features Resist co-director Jax Gil!) 

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