Join us in Welcoming Jasmine to Resist!

Headshot of Jasmine Gomez standing outside in front of a burgundy colored tree
Dear Resister,
We at Resist are excited to welcome Jasmine, a new staff collective member! Learn more about them and their work at Resist below:
Hola beautiful community,
My name is Jasmine and I am so excited to introduce myself as the newest staff member to Resist! My role is the Co-Director and the Director of Radical Philanthropy, where I will be building deep connections with our supporters and bringing my critique and new world building to the field of philanthropy.
I am a Queer, Puerto Rican, nonbinary person of color who grew up low-income and was the first in my family to go to college and law school. In tandem with a lifetime of resisting oppression related to so much of my identity, I’ve found deep liberation and joy in all of the different and intersecting pieces of who I am. I bring that desire to transform the systems and ways that no longer support us, and help build new ways of honoring us all, into the work I do.
Before my work at Resist, I was an organizer, a constitutional lawyer, and a co-director of a family foundation. Outside of work, I love playing video games, reading Afrofuturism, cooking meals better than anyone you know, dancing, and watching anime.
With love,
Jasmine Gomez
Co-director, Radical Philanthropy
Get to know Jasmine more here.
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