Join Our New Grantmaking Panel!

Hello Resister!
In our efforts to shift into our values of accountability and disruption of power, we are experimenting with new forms of grant-making that we believe exemplify these two values.  Our first round of experimentation is inspired by the folks at the Trans Justice Funding Project who make grants annually by bringing together a panel of six trans justice activists from around the country to carefully review every application [they] receive."
Be on Resist's Grant-making Panel?

We want to bring five to seven members (in total) from the various organizations that have been fully funded by Resist in the past three years. We are compensating selected grantmakers $500 per cycle for an estimated eight hours of work.

Because we are a national foundation, our goal is to have the panel represent distinct regions, issues, and tactical approaches.  We are looking for grant-makers who are eager to fund holistic, (r)evolutionary tactics, while acknowledging that more traditional organizing tactics can and do still get the goods. 
We seek flexible thinkers, creative energy, healing spirits, direct-action lovers, base-building wizards, cultural organizers and cultural workers, and community builders of all kinds who are committed to an intersectional movement for justice and liberation led by all facets of Black and brown communities. 
To Apply and for Information on the Process/Work:
We look forward to reading your submissions. Feel free to reach out to or with any questions.
Jax and Kendra 
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