In Wake Of Police Shootings, Group Marches In Hartford

Bishop John Selders woke up Thursday morning to learn that halfway across the country a police officer had reportedly shot a black man dead. The second time in a week.

By 7 p.m., Selders, with his organization Moral Monday CT, had drawn 100 or so people to the corner of Main and Ely streets in Hartford, chanting their message: "Black lives matter." They would carry this to the nearby police station.

"These kinds of incidents call for communities to respond in some way. And here we are," Selders said of the impromptu rally. Looking at the diverse group, he noted that for change to happen, it's going to take everyone.

Selders and others in attendance made clear that what they see as police brutality, such these two shootings that left men dead in Minnesota and Louisiana, could not continue.

Watch the video and read the entire story here. 

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