How Soil Generation is Cultivating Food Justice Leaders of Color in Philly

The coalition of urban farmers advocates for a "community-controlled" food system.

Philadelphia has a hunger problem, as a fifth of residents are lacking enough food to live healthy, active lives.

Possible solutions run the gamut but one coalition of urban farmers and organizations, Soil Generation, is pushing for what co-organizer Kirtrina Baxter calls a “community-controlled” food system that could address more issues than just food insecurity in the region.

But Soil Generation, which prides itself on being a Black- and Brown-led coalition, is not fighting for a locally controlled food system, Baxter makes sure to emphasize — there’s a difference in how a community-controlled system addresses inequity.

Soil Generation was founded in 2013 as Healthy Foods Green Spaces, a coalition that grew from the efforts of a number of people and organizations that came together to stop a City Council zoning amendment that would have made it difficult for many existing gardens and farms in the Philly area to continue operating.

Read the entire story at Generocity. 

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