Here‘s Why Detainees at Immigration Detention Centers Across the US are Starting Hunger Strikes

Last Friday, detainees at California's Adelanto Detention Facility protested meager living conditions by calling a hunger strike; the fourth nationwide since October.

A handwritten letter from one of the men, sent to immigration advocacy group Community Initiatives for Visiting Immigrants in Confinement (CIVIC), begins by saying "detainees are not prisoners" before expressing numerous misgivings for thousands of individuals awaiting their fate, including poor health care, unpalatable meals, and disregard for their complaints. Though many are undocumented, some are legal permanent residents with families in the United States.

At least 20 males took part in the Oct. 30 hunger strike, but an anonymous tipster told CIVIC executive director Christina Fialho an unconfirmed total of 300 may have participated.

Read the full story at the Latino Post.

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