Conspire with Me

Dear Co-Conspirator,
Co-conspirator – That's what we were branded as founders of Resist 50 years ago, when we wrote to our first supporters endorsing resistance to the Vietnam military draft. Today, I invite you to wear that brand with me by donating to Resist as we continue to resist immoral authority in all its shameful forms.
Together through the years, we have demonstrated to the U.S. Government that every attempt to stifle resistance would only cause it to grow. And grow we have, from a bunch of outspoken mavericks to a leading funder of grassroots activism in the U.S. and a major force for progressive resistance.
No matter when you joined our journey, this year or 50 years ago, I thank you for "conspiring" with us to help grassroots America loudly reject abuses of power and unethical policies that soil and defame everything we value.
Through the years, I've been gratified to watch us support over 6,000 dynamic grassroots activist groups – all of them working for the kind of progressive change I know we both believe in.
How much we can give away in 2018 depends on your gift nowThat's because every penny we grant to worthy activist groups comes from friends like you – and we depend on nearly half of it to come in at this time of year.
Your gift to Resist will continue to empower what is a national, peaceful civilian army dedicated to demanding a society in which all people and our planet are respected – in 2018, for the next 50 years, and until there are no more reasons to resist. Please be generous and donate today. We need you.
Noam Chomsky
Resist Founding Member 
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