CALL TO ACTION: An Uprising Across the Country

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Dear Resister,

This week has been one of revelations and affirmations. The murder and systemic oppression of Black people have always been deeply embedded in the fabric of the United States and this moment, like all other moments, has served as a mirror to us all.  But as white supremacy continues to reveal its insidious nature through state-sanctioned violence, people all across the country are standing up. Revealing that even in the face of the unspeakable, with a global pandemic still looming over us all, our communities will respond, they will create, they will demand, and they will affirm that Black Lives Matter.

There is never a wrong time to commit yourself and your resources to the marginalized communities who are mobilizing all across the country, and this moment is critical. It needs you to show up with a posture of grace and a spirit of action. What we knew in 1967 still holds true now – power concedes nothing without a fight and there is no winning without hope, imagination, creation, and community.

Our role as a foundation is not to tell communities how to resist white supremacy or which tactics and strategies are most effective. Our role is to make sure the people on the frontlines have the resources they need. The path forward may not feel comfortable but it might get us where we need to go. Resist grantees are the people and organizations across the nation on the frontlines. Please support these groups financially or use our grantee directory to connect with groups in your region who are responding to this moment. There is no one way to be a part of the movement – find your gifts and use them.

Resist Grantee Directory

Bail Funds and Legal Help by City

400 +1 Resources and Call to Action

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