Art Meets Activism at Subversive Art Festival Extravaganza

The Subversive Art Festival Extravaganza at Tapp’s Arts Center is all about what happens when art and activism come together – but there’s a twist.

With a full line-up of bands, comedians, artists and interactive pieces, the festival is really about getting people engaged and having a good time doing it.

Brett Bursey, executive director of the S.C. Progressive Network, cites a quote commonly attributed to feminist Emma Goldman: “If I can’t dance, it’s not my revolution.” The New Legacy Project, the Network’s youth coordinating body that presents the festival each year, has a mission to keep young activists “involved and engaged in a way that’s fun. … New Legacy tries to infuse that effort to educate and agitate with things that are culturally relevant and enjoyable,” Bursey said.

Read the entire piece here. 

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