Alliance for a Green Economy Applauds FitzPatrick Shutdown

SYRACUSE, N.Y. – The announced closure of the FitzPatrick Nuclear Power Plant sparked both political and community backlash, but one group applauded the decision to shut down operations on Tuesday.

The Alliance for a Green Economy says FitzPatrick is a financial burden and an environmental danger.

Advocates raised concerns about the plant’s lack of a viable containment strategy in a case of an accident.

They also say financing the plant would require a costly state subsidy.

They say every dollar that could to keeping the plant open should instead fund renewable energy.

“Every single year that it’s continuing to operate, we’re just creating a larger problem that many, many generations in the future will be grappling with," said Jessica Azulay, Alliance for a Green Economy Program Director.

Advocates claim the energy at FitzPatrick can be replaced by renewable and efficient sources in five years, bringing more jobs and a safer community.

Watch the video here.

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