Activists Unite Over Common Goal

BURLINGTON, Vt. —Groups from all over Vermont gathered for a public forum in the Queen City to discuss ways to bring change to the Green Mountain State.

“By coming together we can continue to move forward.”

Alissa Carberry has Type 1 diabetes. She says she makes less than 30 thousand dollars a year and spends hundreds each month on medical costs.

“I'm really tired of complaining to people and not being able to get anywhere with it,” Carberry said.

She, along with a variety of community activists participated in a panel discussion Sunday.

The goal was to brainstorm better ways for local focus groups to be heard by elected officials and secure what they say are necessary resources.

“We need this funding, Vermont needs it, we want a just society here,” said one speaker.
With eight different activist groups present, each spoke to the importance of community involvement in the democratic process.

“Find a place where you can get excited, and passionate and wake up going yeah that's the piece i want to work on because it all fits together,” said a 350 Vermont member.
Organizers say it was a way for community members to coordinate a multi-issue social movement.

“It's so essential that we can all come together to have a place where we can begin to discuss some of the things that affect our daily lives and big decisions that are made on a state level,” said Anna Gebhardt from the Vermont Workers’ Center.

After the panel, they broke off into groups to discuss what they learned and ideas they had for the future.

“It's just opened my mind to think of it in a national way,” said Burlington resident, Catriona McHardy.

Opening minds to a broader project and a brighter future for Vermont. “This is really important and we have to go forward with this,” said Carberry. “Now is not the time to just shrug our shoulders and give up.”

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