Activists See Double Standard in Laxalt’s Traffic Tickets

Not all traffic stops play out the same way.

For Alicia Moya her unpaid traffic violations, including driving without a license, resulted in jail time and spending weeks in an ICE detention center.

“I didn’t come from a rich, white suburb like (Attorney General Adam) Laxalt,” Moya says referring to a recent report about Laxalt’s numerous traffic tickets. “Why does he get a slap on the wrist?”

Members from Arriba Las Vegas Worker’s Center, which organizes around immigrants’ rights, gathered Sept. 14 to speak out against how Laxalt, who is currently running for governor, handled his past tickets.  

First reported by The Nevada Independent, Laxalt had eight traffic tickets, five for speeding, from 1996 to 2006 — this was when he lived in Maryland and Virginia. This doesn’t include a DUI he received when he was 18.  

Laxalt finally paid one of those tickets in August, 15 years after receiving it.

People in the community have pointed out the double standard.

“Across every aspect of our lives, racial discrimination still lingers, but in few places is it as clear as in the criminal justice system,” Hannah Brown, a community activist, said in a statement Sept. 12. “For our Black brothers and sisters, a brush with law enforcement is not just a small error to correct years later, but a life-altering event.”

Read the entire story featuring grantee Las Vegas Workers Center.

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