Activists Protest as L.A. City Council Committee Moves LAPD Drone Program Forward

Activists continued voicing their opposition to an LAPD plan to use drones by protesting at a Los Angeles City Council committee meeting where funding for the program was approved Wednesday morning.

The Public Safety Committee approved a $31,500 donation from the Los Angeles Police Foundation for the purchase of four civilian-level drones. The full City Council must vote on the donation before LAPD can use the drones.

Activists with the Stop LAPD Spying Coalition say the police drone use will infringe on people's privacy. They are also worried it further militarizes the Los Angeles Police Department.

"To normalize drones, which are going to be taking over the sky in swarms, if you normalize them right now — that's what's going to happen in the future. Don't laugh at that," one activist told the committee.

Read the entire piece and watch the video featuring Resist Grantee Stop LAPD Spying Coalition here. 

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