A Year of Resistance and Resilience

Black and White headshot of Noam Chomsky
Dear Resister,
We needed Resist 53 years ago when I co-founded it, and we need it just as much today.
Whether it is police brutality and economic inequality at home or imperialism and environmental destruction worldwide, people are always capable of turning the tide through popular, organized movements.
When we began in 1967, we were willing to butt heads with the American war machine to help change the course of history — and we did. That same optimism — backed with the serious, diligent grassroots organizing you help support — will propel us through daunting times, like the ones we saw this year.
I am a founder and a staunch supporter of Resist because they channel funds to the hundreds of grassroots groups across the country who refuse to feel helpless and refuse to be obedient. Resist is a major force in helping the resistance in the US stay alive and kicking. I urge you to help advance our cause—and yours—with a gift today. 
For as long as there have been people in power, there have been people oppressed. And Resist has sought to support those resisting that oppression for the last half a century. Institutions are powerful but are nothing when challenged by the collective power of outraged citizens.
How much we can give away in 2020 depends on your gift now. That’s because every penny we grant to worthy activist groups comes from friends like you – and we rely on nearly half of our budget to come in at this time of year.
I can’t think of a more hopeful way for progressives like us to prepare for the new year. In the face of environmental destruction, the threat of more unwanted wars, and drastic economic inequality – your solidarity and generosity are needed more than ever. Please be generous and donate today. We need you.
Thank you in advance for raising your voice to help change the world for the better – for all people.
Noam Chomsky
Resist Founding Member
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