48 Years of Seeding Grassroots Resistance

Dear Friends of Resist,
In 1967 a few academics and activists gathered in Massachusetts to think about how best to support draft resistance to the Vietnam War. Resist was born out of that moment.
Almost 50 years later, Resist is not only still here and continues to "resist illegitimate authority," but has grown to become one of the most critical funders of grassroots activism in the United States.
It is my pleasure to write a note to the Resist community every December thanking you for continually standing with grassroots movements and to ask you to consider making an end of the year contribution to Resist if you haven't already.
History tells us that ordinary folks coming together, organizing themselves at the grassroots level, and standing up and fighting for systemic change is the only way to create a better world.  
Whether it is police brutality and economic inequality at home or imperialism and environmental destruction around the world, it is all of our responsibility in the United States to change what our government does in our name.
Thank you in advance for raising your voice to help change the world for the better – for all people. 
Noam Chomsky

Resist Co-Founder

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