Founded in 2012, The Future Foundation is a nonprofit organization based in the Anacostia area of Washington, D.C. We empower and activate “future adults” (13-21 years of age) and their families with social justice advocacy, community organizing and resource development skills to improve their future. In order to fulfill our mission, we design, facilitate and evaluate our original political education curriculum. Our organizing model is designed to teach an in-depth understanding of persecution based on race, gender, ethnicity, sexual orientation, religion, political identity, citizenship, socioeconomic status, varying ability and HIV/AIDS status.

Ultimately, our work creates “future adults” who envision then execute the strategies and tactics for sustainable social change. Participants do not embrace an apathetic attitude towards securing human rights, economic opportunities, and community wellness. With support from staff, volunteers and community partners our youth and families use tangible solutions to address social problems. We create a future worth fighting for!

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