Somos Familia Valle, founded on September 6 of 2014, is our San Fernando Valley community-based organization created and led by local, low-income, first-generation college students who are lesbian, gay, bisexual, trans, queer or other sexual and gender minorities (LGBTQ+) people of color and/or immigrants. The original idea for the inception of Somos Familia Valle was starting the annual San Fernando Valley Pride on October 12, 2014, which we continue to produce every year.

We are a community organization led by trans queer people of color dedicated to support, empower, train, and mobilize trans and queer people, immigrants, our families, and allies for racial, gender, environmental, and economic justice. We organize for intersectional LGBTQ+ justice and liberation through transformative dialogue, advocacy, and civic engagement. We promote LGBTQ-affirming homes, safer schools, and healthier communities through our values: a commitment to being our authentic selves, community compassion and integration, family courage, bilingual health education, civic engagement, intersectionality, cultural humility, and social justice.

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