The Memphis Bus Riders Union (MBRU) is an organization made up of those who are dependent on public transportation and supporters who stand together to put pressure on the officials of MATA and our city government to improve transit services for ALL Memphians!

Founded in February of 2012, MRBU fights for better bus service in our city, providing input about MATA practices and policies with key decision-makers, including the MATA board and administration as well as the City Council. Bus riders and supporters come together for monthly meetings where decisions are made democratically by the membership.

The work of the MBRU is essential in highlighting and fighting the racism and the oppression based on socioeconomic status as reflected in our city’s grossly inadequate public transportation system: 90% of bus riders are Black, a majority of whom are Women, and 60% have incomes of $18.000 or less. Cuts to bus service combined with inequitable economic development and residential segregation disproportionately effect low-income residents and communities of color.

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