The Lavender Rights Project is the only legal services provider in Washington State dedicated to serving the specific needs of the trans, gender non-conforming, queer, and LGB identified communities. We are a by and for organization, meaning all of our directors, attorneys and staff are members of the trans and/or queer community of Washington.

​In a world where as trans and queer folks we face widespread systemic discrimination in all aspects of our lives, Washington is a place where legal protections exist, and therefore is a beacon for many queer and trans people. Indeed, Washington typically has one of the highest total and per capita LGBTQ identified populations in the United States. Under the Washington Law Against Discrimination, it is illegal to discriminate based on an individual’s gender identity or presentation in the context of employment, housing, public accommodations and other specific areas. However, the mere presence of the law does not prevent discrimination from happening in these and other areas of life.

​As an organization we are committed to addressing the specific needs of our communities, whether those needs be for an individual or for many individuals. We are grounded in aspiring to dignity for all and an anti-discrimination framework. We conduct our work utilizing the principles of intersectionality and with a particular focus on providing access to our services and the legal system to those who are facing multiple barriers to access due to race, ethnicity, class background, ability, immigration status, engagement in sex work or other underground economies, HIV status, homelessness as well as holding a trans, queer, gender non-conforming and/or LGBT identity.

Our aim is to provide excellent legal representation, policy advocacy, and community education, as well as support and information such that individuals can represent themselves in legal processes.

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