“Clean energy” advocates protest in Great Falls

GREAT FALLS — Several people representing Indian Peoples Action ,Wild Idaho Rising Tide, and Occupy Bellingham protested in front of the Calumet Refinery in Great Falls on Saturday.

Their goal was to educate people about what they believe are the dangers of non-renewable energy.

The protest was in response to the development of the tar sands in Alberta, Canada, and the Bakken oil fields in North Dakota and eastern Montana, and was planned in support of the Tar Sands Healing Walk in Alberta.

The protesters say the Earth cannot support the current level of fossil fuel consumption, and society needs to start developing alternative energy sources that are affordable for everyone.

George Price, one of the protesters, said. ''We're not here strictly to oppose Calumet only, we're opposing the entire industry that is profiting from the destruction of the biosphere."

The group advocates for investment in solar, wind, thermal, and other renewable energies that they say are less harmful to the environment.

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