Citing Thousands of Baltimore Evictions, Activists Push Bill to Make that Harder

oalition of activist groups calling themselves The 7,000 Families Campaign is pushing legislation aimed at making it more difficult for landlords to evict renters after a study showed widespread problems with Baltimore’s Rent Court system.

The legislation, sponsored in the Senate by mayoral candidate Catherine E. Pugh and in the House by Del. Samuel I. Rosenberg, would force landlords to provide renters with a 14-day notice and proof the property is in compliance with Maryland lead laws before attempting eviction.

“Baltimore City sees around 150,000 rent actions and 7,000 evictions every year,” said Jessica Lewis of the Right to Housing Alliance, one of the campaign members. “This is a problem driven not just by unaffordability, but in large part by our unfair eviction law. Without real reform, the current eviction process will continue to displace Baltimore families and destabilize communities.”

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