Justice For All

Justice For All (JFA)’s mission is to empower the community with a program that is vital to the culture and society by providing them with a phone app to report police encounters.

It’s been 3 years since the Baltimore police arrested and caused the death of Freddie Carlos Gray, Jr. A lot of changes were mandated by the Dept. of Justice as a result of that death and the uprising that followed. But how much has the behavior of the Baltimore police department changed, if at all? We are seeing complaints against the police on the increase in cities across the country and feel the same may be happening in Baltimore. From January 2013 to December 2017, 28 people have been killed by Baltimore police, 24 of them Black; 27% of police killings in the 100 largest cities. We need to know what is really happening on the streets in our communities, and we feel one way to do that is to get feedback from the members of the community themselves. A phone app has been developed for that purpose and is a tool people can use to document their encounters with police, anonymously and in real time. We will teach people in the community how to use the app and then will meet with the community regularly to review the information collected. With this information, the community will be better able to hold the city and police accountable for their policies and actions.

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